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Welcome to my website, where you’ll find information about me, my books and the horses, ponies, people and places that have inspired my stories.

I write for children but also am a freelance writer, creating work for magazines and feature articles about life here in Exmoor.

Victoria Eveleigh

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Katy's Wild Foal

Katy's birthday doesn't feel very special, until she discovers a tiny newborn foal on the moor. Katy longs for the foal to be hers. But how will she ever persuade her family?

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Katy's Champion Pony

Katy is very proud of her pony, Trifle, and is sure that they will win lots of rosettes together - she just needs him to behave!

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Joe and the Hidden Horseshoe

Joe finds a lucky horseshoe in his garden, he makes some wishes just for fun. After all, there's always a chance they might come true...

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Katy's Pony Surprise

Katy never knows what her pony, Trifle, might get up to next! She is certain exciting times are in store as the two of them head off to Pony Club camp.

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Joe and the Lightning Pony

Joe is delighted with his pony Lightning, but Joe is out-growing her fast. What will he do when he's too big to ride her? And what will happen to Lightning if she is sold?

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About Victoria Eveleigh


I was brought up in London, but I always longed to live in the country and have lots of animals - especially horses. Well, dreams do come true because I now live on an Exmoor livestock farm with my husband, Chris. Besides dogs, cats and riding horses, we keep Exmoor Horn sheep, North Devon cattle and Exmoor ponies (34 of them at the last count!).

Our daughter, Sarah, is now grown up, but when she was a girl she had an Exmoor pony called Tinkerbell. Their eventful partnership inspired me to write my first stories: a trilogy about a girl and an Exmoor pony growing up together on an Exmoor hill farm. The 'Katy's Exmoor' trilogy was illustrated by Chris, and we self-published it under the imprint Tortoise Publishing. We also published a book called Midnight on Lundy.

Publishing my own books was hard work, so I was delighted when Orion Children's Books took me on in 2011. The 'Katy' trilogy has now been re-written and updated with expert editorial guidance, and it will be published by Orion in 2012 as 'Katy's Wild Foal', 'Katy's Champion Pony' and 'Katy's Pony Surprise'. The books have a great deal of new content, including author's notes, new inside illustrations by Chris and beautiful cover illustrations by Angelo Rinaldi. 'Midnight on Lundy' is also being republished in 2012, as 'A Stallion Called Midnight'.

I am now working on a brand new trilogy for Orion. It will still have horses and ponies at its heart, but this time a boy will be the main character.

My stories are full of the things I love: horses and ponies, the countryside, farming and people. I really like hearing from readers, visiting schools and giving talks, so do get in touch!

Life at West Ilkerton Farm

Oh, and I can't resist telling you a bit about our beautiful hill farm on Exmoor.

Find out more about the farm and our animals via our website.

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